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November 2022 & Donations Continue

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Very grateful for the help that made this past weekend of helping those experiencing homelessness possible.

Neighboring Light continue to visit and donate to support the many homeless of Los Angeles and across California. We as a community homeless support charity will ALWAYS do our best and with thanks to many businesses and through donations that make it all possible.

Our support volunteers are vital that help in so many ways more than they realise. If you would like to help donate to Neighboring Light for us to provide the help within Los Angeles and California please contact us. If you are a business that can donate food, water, blankets, clothing, vital needs for the homeless support then please contact us.

We try and organise large food drops, visits regularly and much dependent on what donations we have to give to those less fortunate. Many more drops of food and clothing, bedding, tents, blankets will continue this Winter & into Spring 2023.

There are so many homeless people in Los Angeles who are both young and old, down on their luck and need every bit of support to try and make life a little easier than it sadly is for most. Keep your donations coming and many thanks to each who continue to support, volunteer and supply Neighboring Light.

Thank you @hollywoodfoodco & for your support.

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